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we tried to shut him in a pyramid but mom stopped us!

s'up figgy

15 April 1990
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I'm really really really really really really really hyper right now! Didya notice HUH? DIDYA DIDYA DIDYA! well i am. :D I love ( and I mean real love non of that fake fan love I mean kiss me I'm yours! love) harry potter but more specifically Rupert Grint! lol I guess Dan is hott too but not like Rupert Grint. i also love....um...I don't know what else do I love...oh! i love KAYLIN! My buddy! :D and I love.....uh....um......well..........hmmm.........my dog? I guess that's it so i love Rupert! Dan, and Kaylin lol.

Cedric was is love